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Our Planet is approaching

كوكب اليابان.. يقترب


About Japan

Japan is a wondrous planet. It's full of great ideas, smart inventions, positive habits and supreme ethics.

We're taking a closer look at this planet to try and benefit from it in the things of interest to us in Arab world.


The most important thing to travel to Japan



Mount Fuji - Sakura Flower Season - hot water area

كونان أنمي اليابان


Sega World - Disneyland - Manga & Anime World - Universal Studios

تكنولوجيا اليابان


Japan is a river of intelligent ideas inexhaustible like: Sony - Toyota - Panasonic ...

حضارة اليابان


Japanese human - eating habits - samurai history - family relations - ancient monuments

about us

About us

We're an Arab Gulf company specialized in the field of consulting and public relations to link Japan to the Arab world.

The Company was established in Tokyo in 2014. Its headquarters located in Jeddah, with representative offices in Dubai and Muscat.

Japan Planet كوكب اليابان
old japan building

General Director

Advisor Bashar Abdulaziz


- He was born in Tokyo. Grew up in Japan and lived there for nearly 25 years.

- He studied in Japan during the early stages of his life, then went back to get his Bachelor degree from Tokyo. 

- He gained many practical experiences through his work in the following fields:

-The Saudi Arabia embassy in Tokyo – public relations.

- He participated in a lot of Japanese and Arabic TV programs.

- He gave lots of lectures in Japanese and English about: (Japan civilization and our cultural heritage).

- He participated as an official interpreter and translator for many Saudi and Arab diplomatic and sports delegations.

Our services

our serv.

Educational services

  • Provide educational consultations

  • Certified Translation Services (Arabic - Japanese - English)

  • Coordination of enrollment in Japanese universities and language teaching institutes

  • Opening Japanese language classes in various Gulf cities

  • Coordinating specialized courses for individuals and employees of different entities in administrative and developmental fields

  • Bring in Japanese instructors specialized in the fields of Japan, to conduct special training programs.


Why us

  • We have strong relationships with government agencies, large companies and Japanese investors.

  • Team with deep experience in Japan.

  • We have close partnerships with many Japanese authorities.


Contact us

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